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Yeah, I'm not actually here or anything.

I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I'd drop by my abandoned LJ and . . . well, just sort of hang an "abandoned, keep out" sign on the front door.  If you happen to be looking for me, you can find me here:


I still have my LJ inbox routed to my email in case anyone wants to leave a message.
Hohoho Merry Christmas, y'all!  Today, I proudly present the third annual T.D. Possum Christmas special, featuring 10 Doctors, 30+ companions, and the special-est special effects you'll see this holiday season.

The Sarah Jane Adventures: Tin Xylok

As I said to my dear friend Noordledoordle, it isn't easy to fake a robot dog having sex with an alien/computer which is built into a brick chimney, but it's something I really wanted to try.

Possum on DA

Here's another place y'all can stalk me if you want.


It's for my "serious" fanart - as opposed to my more usual cracked out offerings, so there isn't a lot there.  But I hope to add more soon.

Doctor Who: Prize Fighter

Hey, y'all, I made a vid about Sarah Jane Smith and she's happy in it.  Makes a nice change. 

Download here

OUAT: Devil of a Woman

I don't know if any of y'all are watching "Once Upon A Time", but I do know that some of you would enjoy spending two minutes gazing at a beautiful woman, so here ya go:

Doctor Who: Unbelievable (Tegan Jovanka)

Everytime Tegan sasses the Doctor, an angel gets her wings.

Classic Who as Charlie's Angels

The Third Doctor era as the original Charlie's Angels.  'Cause there ain't no school like the old school.

MADE IN SONY VEGAS, with special thanks to Noordledoordle.  This vid is dedicated to Captain Kathryn Janeway in recognition of her inspiring act of bravery in fixing the deflector dish while her head was on fire.

Doctor Who: Eat It

An older vid I have been tweaking in an effort to get it onto YouTube. Still blocked in a few countries, but everyone can watch it on Vimeo.  Oh, and since it's an older vid, it's certified 100% angst free!  ;-)